Sunday, July 15, 2007

Steam clean your Microwave

A much cleaner microwaveThis post is only very loosely related to the rest of the content of this blog but I couldn't help sharing it because I'm so pleased with the results. The online sharing of information about making your life more efficient (Lifehacking) is, of course, very e-pisteme .

I've never been a sufficiently conscientious cleaner of my microwave to avoid those hard to clearn, permanently cooked-on splatters of food. Nor have I ever found a way to clean them efficiently. I can't imagine that kitchen cleaner in the microwave is good for your health. This weekend however, an off the cuff comment drew a solution from my fiancee's elephantyne memory. And here it is:

  • Place a bowl of water with lime juice (lemon might work) in the microwave.
  • Run the microwave for several minutes.
  • Wipe the condensation and offending blobs clear with a cloth to reveal a shiny new microwave.

    I can't recommend the solution enough.


    Barry Scott said...

    But the crushing question is, how do I remove those stubborn stains from my kitchen work surface without damaging the finish?

    Nick Burcher said...

    I used to work in a restaurant and I think it is also worth noting that Sprite is very good for cleaning a griddle......