Friday, July 13, 2007

HP Digital Integrated Campaign

In what we're pretty sure is a first for the category in the UK, we recently launched a multimedia campaign for hp which is supported by a mobile website. The campaign is in-market in the UK at the moment and will follow soon in the Netherlands.

HP has launched some great new products recently that have features that don't fully come to life on a static image. We briefed Blue Star Mobile to put together a mobile site that shows the products in action and gives somes specifications. You can check out the sites on your phone or in your computer browser. The tx1000 is a laptop with a screen that swivels and becomes touch screen. The iPAQ 514 is hp's first 'phone'. Among other cool features it allows you to listen to your email.

The campaign integrates analogue and digital worlds through SMS response options on the print advertising and billboards. We're also running some mobile banners on Orange World in the UK.

The number of people who see the site is not likely to be vast. The cost of producing and distributing this kind of content, however, has dropped substantially over the last couple of years and it's now a pretty attractive addition to a conventional campaign.


dlethe01 said...

Hi Matt,
Could you tell us why this blog post is related to the Mobile Codes Consortium?
Do you have any idea what happens to The Sun plans/project?

Thank you.

Matt Devlin said...

Hi Dlethe,

As far as I know Blue Star have no association with MC2. They do a lot of work with The Sun, though their Commercial Director was, at the time, only vaguely aware of the QR code element of The Sun's concept. He said, quite rightly, that in the near term most of the response would happen via short codes.

I haven't heard more about The Sun's plans and I'm not a regular reader so I'm not sure they've done anything about it.

The connection with MC2 may have been coincidental. The Sun's sales deck included QR codes shortly after the MC2 launch and, if I recall correctly there was some connection to Gavitec. I'm afraid I don't remember what specifically inspired me to put the MC2 tag on the post. It may just have been the QR Code connection.

Graham said...

So you finally got this off the ground - only took what, 18 months?